Eco Chemicals

Environmental health, biodiversity and the future of our planet is something we at Eco Chemicals take very seriously. Our goal is to create a sustainable way to move forward in the Eco-friendly cleaning chemical industry without damaging or leaving a negative impact on our environment. As a company driven by environmentally conscious entrepreneurs, we take the necessary steps to ensure that our ideals are met and shown through our actions.

About Us

Eco Chemicals manufactures eco-friendly household and industrial-grade
cleaning products which are up to 100% biodegradable.
These lab-tested chemicals have been produced to be gentle on
nature, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative for the use of chemicals
that contain phosphates and harmful bleaches which damage the environment.

Founded in 2019 by CEO and entrepreneur Jean-Paul Britz, Eco Chemicals aims to
significantly relieve the devastation on the biosphere caused by corporations due to
cleaning chemical product runoff which contaminates water sources and destroys
surrounding ecosystems.

While promoting  environmental sustainability, Eco  Chemicals provides a range
of quality-assured cleaning products which are kind to nature and soft on your skin.

Our approach incorporates providing a selection of high-quality, effective
cleaning products at competitive prices while ensuring outstanding service. Our
products can be used in households as well as the automotive, catering, and
hospitality industries.

Lead by a team of innovative and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs,
our vision is for Eco Chemicals to become one of the leading eco-friendly,
locally produced biodegradable cleaning chemical manufacturers,
while  maintaining our objectives of respecting, preserving,
and protecting Southern Africa’s biodiversity.