Grime Cleaner Industrial


Grime Cleaner Industrial is our environmentally sustainable degreasing solution.

Utilising Ethoxylated fatty alcohols & alkylamine ethoxylate in combination with Citric Acid, this solution provides a broad-spectrum solution to your degreasing needs.


  • Broad-spectrum efficacy
  • No ammonia or bleach
  • Decreases risk of harm to environment
  • Natural degreasing properties
  • Soft on skin, no heavy smell
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Dilution recommendation

General cleaning: 1:50
Filter membranes: 1:20
Medium-heavy duty: 1:5/undiluted

Engines & equipment (Heavy Cleaning):
1. Apply undiluted
2. Leave to soak for up to 5 minutes.
3. Wash off with power washer until foam is gone.


Citric acid
Trisodium citrate